Question: Does Napalm Burn Underwater?

Are shotguns banned in war?


Yeah, it may sound crazy, but Germany tried to argue in World War I that shotguns were an illegal weapon.

But yes, America’s enemy Germany tried to get the shotgun banned on the basis that they were unnecessarily painful, but the U.S.

used them to quickly clear German trenches..

Does white phosphorus burn underwater?

White phosphorus is highly reactive, and spontaneously ignites at about 30°C in moist air. … It is usually stored under water, to prevent exposure to the air. It is also extremely toxic, even in very small quantities.

Does napalm float on water?

Is it true that napalm burns even under water? —:it floats on water so you don’t really need to worry about it burning under water.

What does water do to napalm?

Water boils at 100 degrees celsius, Napalm gives off temperatures while burning of 1200 degrees Celsius. Now you add to the fact that it sticks to you. And if you try to wipe it off it sticks to your hand.

Thermite has many legitimate uses in industry, such as welding railroad tracks and construction/demolition work. Many sites sell thermite ingredients and kits and many videos of thermite reactions are featured on YouTube, so it generally isn’t illegal to make thermite in the United States.

Can there be fire in space?

Inside you have the same air mixture as on Earth, but because gravity is millions of times smaller an open flame behaves significantly different. In space, of course, you can’t have any fires because there isn’t any oxidizer (i.e. oxygen) to sustain the combustion process.

Is white phosphorus a war crime?

George Monbiot stated that he believed the firing of white phosphorus by US forces directly at the combatants in Fallujah in order to flush them out so they could then be killed was in contravention of the Chemical Weapons Convention and, therefore, a war crime.

Does napalm need oxygen?

This effect occurs because napalm partially combusts the oxygen in the air, turning CO2 (carbon dioxide) into CO (carbon monoxide). In some cases, people have been boiled to death in rivers made hot by the heat of napalm bombs.

Is making napalm illegal?

It is not illegal to make napalm in your garage, it is just illegal to use it against civilians under international law. Using it against enemy troops in wartime is perfectly OK. … The history of napalm goes back to Greek Fire, which was a form of napalm.

Why does napalm burn underwater?

Napalm is basically thick oil or jelly mixed with fuel (petrol, gasoline). … Versions of Napalm B containing white phosphorus will even burn underwater (if there is trapped oxygen in folds of cloth etc.) so jumping into rivers and lakes won’t help those unfortunate souls attacked with this vile weapon.

Despite some assertions, they are not generally banned, but as incendiary weapons they are subject to the usage prohibitions described under Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons. … Non-flamethrower incendiary weapons remain in modern military arsenals.

Does water increase fire?

Water puts out fire by creating a barrier between the fuel source and the oxygen source (it also has a cooling effect which has to do with the energy required to convert liquid water into water vapor). It does this because it is a completely, 100% oxidized material. … This smothers the fire.

How many people have died from napalm?

Yet, when 690,000 pounds of napalm was dropped on Tokyo on March 9, 1945, some 87,000 people perished in what was the single deadliest night in the war and the opening round of an incendiary campaign against Japan’s largest cities that in 10 days saw 18.7 million pounds of napalm and ex- in 1942 to plosives incinerate …

Can anything burn underwater?

Can fire burn underwater? Simple answer is yes. Fire requires three major elements to sustain — fuel, oxygen and heat. The main challenge with being underwater is well oxygen.

How fast does napalm kill?

Carbon dioxide levels of 0.4% can cause death in approximately one hour while burning napalm creates concentrations near 20%. [2] Contained areas near burning napalm can rapidly de-oxygenate resulting in loss of consciousness and death in minutes due to asphyxiation.

Why is napalm illegal?

The Defense Department phased out incendiary weapons around the same time the United Nations banned the use of flamethrowers and napalm against civilians. … The liquids used — gasoline, diesel fuel or napalm — are extremely flammable and could cause explosions if they leaked while the devices were in use.

Does the US still use napalm?

The U.S still uses it as a weapon against military targets. Modern napalm is used as napalm B. It is different than the older version of napalm that was used during WWII, Korean and Vietnam war. … However, despite the different characteristics, napalm B is often referred to as simply as “napalm”.

Can a civilian own a claymore?

But a claymore mine, a citizen cant own one or buy it legally, but explosives with the proper license you can, demolition etc use explosives, shaped charge explosives, and some high explosives.