Question: Which Is Larger F 1 Or F And Why?

Which is the largest size I Cl Br F?


iodine has the largest size due to more valance electrons and more shells..

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Is O2 larger than ne?

O2- is bigger than Ne, but Ar is way bigger than either of them because you’re adding subshells as you go down the periodic table.

Is N3 bigger than O2?

N3- is bigger than O2-, but it also has more charge.

Which is bigger O2 or _ F Why?

Explanation: From top to bottom of the periodic table ions will increase in radii. However, now left to right the radius is more of a function of the number of electrons. … Similarly, O2- will be larger than F- as both have 10 electrons but Z=8 for oxygen and Z=9 for fluorine.

What is larger Na+ or F?

Na+ has smaller size than F- because both Na+ and F- have equal number of electrons i.e.10 . After losing an electron Na will have less electron cloud and more effective nuclear charge whereas F after gaining an electron will have less effective nuclear charge than the parent atom so the size increases .

Which is correct order of size of O2 F and F?

The correct option is B (O2−>O−>F−>F). Note: Anions are formed by adding an additional electron to the neutral atom and cations are formed by removing an electron from the parent neutral atom. Anions carry negative charge and cations carry positive charge.

What is bigger F or F 1?

F-1 is larger than F because F has a greater positive charge and electrons repel the nucleus.

Is Br or Br bigger?

Br – will have the largest atomic size because Br- has one extra electron in its valence shell which due to its unbalanced negative charge will be repelled and hence the atomic radius of Br- will increase.

Why is there a large increase between the first and second?

The increase in energy between the first and second ionization energies is large. … There is a large increase between the first and second ionization energies of the alkali metals because it is relatively easy to remove one electron from a Group 1A metal atom, but it is difficult to remove a second electron.

Which is larger F or F −?

F has a smaller radius than F− because an additional electron causes greater repulsion in F− . … F has a larger radius than F− because an additional electron causes greater repulsion in F. c. F has a smaller radius than F− because F− has an additional energy shell.

Is BR smaller than Kr?

Br- has to be larger than Kr because it has one less proton, hence electron repulsion is more pronounced.

Which is larger F or F Why?

Answer. F means atomic number 9. … More the atomic number size becomes larger. So F- is larger in size.

Why Mg2+ is smaller than MG?

Because while having the same number of electrons, Mg2+ has 12 protons and F– has only 9. Therefore, the electron attraction to the nucleus is greater in Mg2+ making it smaller.

Is O2 larger than mg2+?

mg2+ ion is smaller than o2- ion although they have the same electronic structure.