Quick Answer: How Much Is The Toll From NJ To Staten Island?

How much is the toll from NJ to NY with EZ Pass?

Kennedy, Throgs Neck and Bronx-Whitestone bridges, as well as the Hugh Carey and Queens Midtown tunnels, cost $6.12 to use for drivers with a New York-issued E-ZPass tag.

For drivers from New Jersey and elsewhere and those paying by mail, the toll is $9.50.

Over five days, that’s a difference of $16.90..

What bridge goes from NJ to Staten Island?

The Goethals BridgeThe Goethals Bridge /ˈɡɒθəlz/ is the name of a pair of cable-stayed bridge spans connecting Elizabeth, New Jersey, to Staten Island, New York, in the United States.

How much does it cost to go to Staten Island?

The Staten Island Ferry Is Free (If By Free You Mean $4.86 Per Trip)

Can you live in Staten Island without a car?

I just wanted to curiously know if anyone knows how it is like to get around in Staten Island. Can you get around without a car or is having a car a big must in order to get around? Yes, you can get around SI without owning a motor vehicle; plenty of people manage.

How much is the bridge from NJ to Staten Island?

(Eastbound only) As of January 5, 2020: Cars $16.00 (cash) $13.75 for Peak (E-ZPass) $11.75 for Off-peak (E-ZPass)

How much is the toll from NJ to NY?

New York City RegionConnectsTollHugh L Carey TunnelManhattan/Brooklyn$9.50Verrazano-Narrows BridgeStaten Island/Brooklyn$19.00Bayonne BridgeNew Jersey/Staten Island$16.00Goethals BridgeNew Jersey/Staten Island$16.005 more rows

How can I drive into Manhattan without paying tolls?

Look for toll free bridges.The Brooklyn Bridge.The Manhattan Bridge.The Williamsburg Bridge.The Queensboro Bridge.

Can you pay cash for tolls in New York?

No, only cash and E-ZPass are accepted as payment at NYS Thruway toll booths. When you open an E-ZPass account, you can fund your account with a credit card through our automatic replenishment billing. This will ensure there are always funds in your account for tolls.

Can you get to Staten Island without paying toll?

Currently, only drivers entering Staten Island from the span pay a fee, which is as much as $19 for cars without an E-ZPass. Rose wants to split the toll and charge drivers going each way up to $8.50, which he says will put more money into MTA coffers while reducing traffic problems around the city.

How much is the toll from Staten Island to Ezpass?

The Staten Island Bridges Plan toll rate is $6.88 per peak or off-peak trip (plus $10.50 for each additional axle beyond two axles) at the Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridge, or Outerbridge Crossing, provided at least three Staten Island-bound trips are made in a single calendar month that are not otherwise discounted by …

Is there a toll from NJ to Staten Island?

There is one toll to get off New Jersey onto Staten Island, and another one to get off Staten Island into New York City.

Is there a toll leaving Staten Island?

The one-way, non-discounted toll is currently $19. … Staten Island residents and drivers with E-ZPass get a discount on the tolls. The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island, is the only bridge in the country with a federally mandated one-way toll system.

Do you have to pay a toll to get into New Jersey?

No tolls are collected entering New Jersey. The Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, and the George Washington Bridge’s Lower Level and Palisades Interstate Parkway toll lanes are cashless and no longer accept cash toll payments.

How do you pay tolls in NYC?

Without E-ZPass The bill for your tolls will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner. You can pay this bill by mail, on the phone or in person, using a check, credit card, bank account or cash. Visit tollsbymailny.com or call 1-844-826-8400 for more information.

How much are tolls on NJ parkway?

The average Turnpike toll for passenger vehicles increases by $1.30, and the cash toll at a Garden State Parkway mainline toll plaza rises from $1.50 to $1.90.

How much is Verrazano toll?

The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is the only one in the country with a federally mandated one-way toll system. The one-way toll is currently $19.00. Under split tolling, drivers will pay $9.50 in each direction. Staten Island residents and drivers with E-ZPass get a discount on the tolls.

Can you get from NJ to NY without paying tolls?

Although there are no tolls to enter New York state from New Jersey, there are tolls to enter New York City from New Jersey, and these are unavoidable since you must take either a bridge or tunnel to enter.

Do you pay tolls both ways on the Verrazano Bridge?

The MTA announced this week that as of Dec. 1, the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge will be tolled in both directions after 35 years of one-way westbound tolling.