Quick Answer: Which One Is The Oxidizing Agent?

What is the strongest oxidizing agent?

fluorineElemental fluorine, for example, is the strongest common oxidizing agent..

Is oxidizing an agent?

In chemistry, an oxidizing agent (oxidant, oxidizer), or oxidising agent (oxidiser) is a substance that has the ability to oxidize other substances — in other words to accept their electrons. Common oxidizing agents are oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and the halogens.

Which acids are oxidizing agents?

These include nitric acid, perchloric acid, chloric acid, chromic acid, and concentrated sulfuric acid, among others.

Is water an oxidizing agent?

In terms of redox, water behaves much as it did in acid-base reactions, where we found it to be amphiprotic. In the presence of a strong electron donor (strong reducing agent), water serves as an oxidizing agent. In the presence of a strong electron acceptor (strong oxidizing agent), water serves as a reducing agent.

Which is reducing agent?

A reducing agent (also called a reductant or reducer) is an element or compound that loses (or “donates”) an electron to an electron recipient (oxidizing agent) in a redox chemical reaction. … A reducing agent typically is in one of its lower possible oxidation states and is known as the electron donor.

What do you mean by oxidizing agent?

An oxidizing agent, or oxidant, gains electrons and is reduced in a chemical reaction. Also known as the electron acceptor, the oxidizing agent is normally in one of its higher possible oxidation states because it will gain electrons and be reduced.

What is oxidising agent class 10 examples?

Common examples of oxidizing agents include halogens (such as chlorine and fluorine), oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Is Oxygen an oxidizing agent?

Elemental oxygen is a strong oxidizing agent. It reacts with most other elements and many compounds.

Which is the oxidizing agent?

Sulfur is called the oxidizing agent. … The oxidizing agent is a substance that causes oxidation by accepting electrons; therefore, its oxidation state decreases. The reducing agent is a substance that causes reduction by losing electrons; therefore its oxidation state increases.

What is oxidising agent give example?

Oxidizing agents are those which oxidizes the Other compound and removes hydrogen from the compound. Oxidizing agents are substances that gain electrons. Examples of oxidizing agents include halogens, potassium nitrate, and nitric acid.

Is kmno4 an oxidizing agent?

Potassium permanganate, KMnO4, is a powerful oxidizing agent, and has many uses in organic chemistry.