Which Is More Stable Oxygen Or Sulphur?

Why oxygen is more electronegative than Sulphur?

With oxygen, the bonding electrons are at the 2-level, and the 8 protons in the nucleus are shielded by the 2 electrons in the 1s orbital.

However, the bonding electrons in the sulphur are further from the nucleus, and so the attraction is lessened.

So sulphur is less electronegative than oxygen..

Why can Sulfur Form 6?

Sulfur has one more electron pair in its 3s subshell so it can undergo excitation one more time and place the electron in another empty 3d orbital. Now sulfur has 6 unpaired electrons which means it can form 6 covalent bonds to give a total of 12 electrons around its valence shell.

What is the most stable anion?

Since sulphur is the largest atom by size among these 4, hence the negative charge on it is most stable.

Why does sulfur break the octet rule?

Here the sulfur atom has six electron pairs in its valence shell. An atom like phosphorus or sulfur which has more than an octet is said to have expanded its valence shell. This can only occur when the valence shell has enough orbitals to accommodate the extra electrons. … An octet would be 3s23p6.

What’s the difference between oxygen and sulfur?

There are four principal differences between the chemistry of sulfur and oxygen. … Sulfur (EN = 2.58) is much less electronegative than oxygen (EN = 3.44). 4. Sulfur can expand its valence shell to hold more than eight electrons, but oxygen cannot.

Is phosphorus more electronegative than oxygen?

The electronegativity of phosphorus as phosphine (PH3) is a lot lower than the electronegativity of phosphorus as phosphate [O=P(OH)3]….Carbon is More Electronegative Than You Think.ElementElectronegativity (Pauling)O3.4 [3.44]Cl3.2 [3.16]N3.0 [3.04]Br3.0 [2.96]9 more rows•Mar 7, 2010

Can sulfur have 7 bonds?

Of course sulfur is not oxygen, so it does not behave exactly the same way that oxygen behaves. For example, sulfur can form up to six bonds, which is what is the case in something like sulfuric acid — (H2)SO4.

Is Sulfur more stable than oxygen?

For example, we have already seen that larger, more polarizable atoms form more stable radicals. Iodine radicals are more stable than bromine radicals, and sulfur radicals are more stable than oxygen radicals.

Which one is more electronegative Sulphur or oxygen?

Electronegativity. Sulfur is less electronegative than oxygen (2.4 and 3.5, respectively) and as a consequence bonds to sulfur are less polar than the corresponding bonds to oxygen.

Why can sulfur form more bonds than oxygen?

Originally Answered: why can sulfur form 6 bonds while oxygen can’t? You are correct that sulfur and oxygen have the same valence electrons but that is only one part of the picture. the other is electronegativity. Oxygen is more electronegative than sulfur, so it has a stronger tendency to “hold onto electrons”.

Can Sulfur hold a negative charge?

In your case, the sulfide anion, S2− , carries a (2−) negative charge, which can only mean that it gained electrons. … A neutral sulfur atom has an atomic number equal to 16 , which means that it has 16 protons inside its nucleus and 16 electrons surrounding its nucleus.

Which Carbocation is most stable?

tertiary carbocationThe carbocation bonded to three alkanes (tertiary carbocation) is the most stable, and thus the correct answer. Secondary carbocations will require more energy than tertiary, and primary carbocations will require the most energy.

Is chlorine more electronegative than oxygen?

Oxygen is more electronegative than chlorine because of the following reasons : … Oxygen is placed towards the left side of fluorine so has one electron less than fluorine. Chlorine is below fluorine and has a new shell of valence electrons is added to it.

Is oxygen more acidic than sulfur?

The thiol is more acidic because the sulfur atom is larger than the oxygen atom. This has two effects. (1) it makes the S-H bond longer and weaker than the O-H bond and so favours loss of H+.

Does sulfur stabilize negative or oxygen?

Sulphur is able to stabilize the negative charge more better than oxygen due to its size , But Electronegativity of Oxygen is more than Sulphur, so negative charge on oxygen should be more stable , Why it is not so ?

Can sulfur have more than 8 valence electrons?

Unlike atoms from periods one and two that only have the s and p orbitals (total of 8 valence electrons), atoms like phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine can have more than 8 electrons because they are not restricted to the s and p orbitals and have a d orbital for additional electrons needed for bonding.